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Beloved Woman… if you’re a heart centered woman of influence, ready to activate your most potent feminine self through spiritually aligned pleasure & prosperity in your creations and in love — then join us for this life lasting, powerful transformational adventure in Sicily, the land of Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure & prosperity.

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Are you challenged with fully loving your body?
Begin to embrace a new loving relationship with your body, exactly as you are right now.

The Book
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When you merge your primal sexual body with your divine spirit body from a space of peacefulness with everything from your past, it is a joy unlike any other.
It is your Divine Design. This book is a guide to take you there.

Endorsement on cover: “Jaitara is a pure expression of love and wisdom, who cares deeply for the expansion of love and joy in others.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz; Author of The Four Agreements 

These Four Sacred Laws are a Spiritual Guide to master the integral connection of your Spiritual energy, and Sexual energy. As you apply them, a knowing that already exists within you will awaken. In this book, Jaitara shares her wisdom and simple powerful practices to:
– Expand multidimensional erotic orgasmic potential.
– Create extraordinary spiritual depth in sexual intimacy.
– Transcend sexual wounding and shame to peacefulness and wisdom.
– Reclaim your full beauty and power as a Sacred Sexual Creative Being.


I feel so blessed to be part of the Celebrate Your Life family, created by their amazing founder and producer, Liz Dawn Donahue.
Through Celebrate Your Life, I have had the honor of sharing the platform with these amazing spiritual mentors: Gregg Braden, Don Miguel Ruiz and Miguel Ruiz Jr, Lisa Nichols, Marci Shimoff, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Martha Beck, Dougall Fraser, Anita Moorjani, Neale Donald Walsch, Colette Baron-Reid, Dr. Bruce Lipton and SO MANY MORE!