The Forgiveness Process

As my gift to you, enjoy this 9 minute meditation that guides you to forgive an abuser from your past.

Heal Your Sexual Legacy

Breathe Through – Holistic Rebirthing Process

This is a powerful process, guiding you through emotional healing from past unhealthy relationships and sexual wounding,
A new version of the video is going to be created. Until then, you can receive a private Heal Your Sexual Legacy session with me.
The investment of this private session will remain, the same cost as the video, until the new video is available.

This is the same process mentioned in the book, The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment, in Chapter 6.
To book this session with me, email me at:
Enter “Private Session” in the subject line of the email.
I look forward to serving you. Much love – Jaitara


PEMF Resonance directly strengthens the cells of your body by providing the voltage they require to work (like the battery in your phone). The cellular level of the human body comes before muscles, tissues, and organs. Illness, pain, and disease are a few symptoms that arise from weak cellular biology. The benefits of PEMF Therapy are innumerable because of its ability to work on such a primary level.

Email at, to receive more information and to discuss purchasing one of these miraculous mats.
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