Pleasure & Prosperity – Venus Activation Women’s Retreat

If you’re a heart centered woman of influence, ready to activate your most potent feminine self through spiritually aligned pleasure & prosperity in your creations & in love —then join us for this life lasting, powerful transformational adventure in Sicily, the land of Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure & prosperity.

At this retreat dance and breath will be your daily meditation.  You will dance and breathe away the density of what no longer serves you. You will feel more deeply connected to your body and the sacredness of it.  You will ignite new expression within your creative life force energy.

Can you imagine 11 days and nights in the exclusive company of a small group of brilliant women, leaders like yourself, rising together, sharing collective wisdom, dancing your hearts open; immersed in the love of sisterhood?

Of course you can! At this retreat, you will discover how to integrate your Pleasure & Prosperity Archetypes™ so you can experience a new level of spiritually aligned Prosperity & Pleasure in your creations, and harmony and passion in love for years to come.

Our home base for 9 of the nights will be a magical Villa with feminine curves of architecture, a glorious oversized pool, and private sitting areas for each of the bedrooms. This Goddess Temple is located on Vulcanello at the tip of Vulcano Island. Surrounded by a large well-kept garden with evergreens, flowers and plants and our own private park with pines, eucalyptuses, succulents, a small vineyard, an orchard and a vegetable garden. Our retreat will then move onto the city of Lipari where we will check into Hotel Tritone and the most exquisite spa with walls of cave like formations.

We will explore the pool of Venus, magnificent rock structures of the Aeolian islands by sea, wander the narrow streets, a labrynth and gardens filled with olive trees, palm groves and radiant blossoms.  Imagine how it will feel as you start your day with a swim in our glorious pool, surrendering to the water’s embrace. Or you go for a stroll in your private villa park, succulents all around you, and the scent of vibrant spring blossoms. Maybe you lounge on the rooftop patio as you breathe in the magnificence before you… the Tyrrhenian Sea,  Who knows what unexpected magic will happen while in Sicily.

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