Eight Session deep dive private immersion for women

These are 8 private sessions scheduled at your convenience, spread over a 4 month period at what ever time works best for your busy schedule.
Contact me at: info@Jaitara.com, with “Feminine Life Force Liberation” in the subject line, and we will schedule a private complimentary one-on-one consultation call to discuss the details and to see if we are a match to work together.

Are you tired of not having the depth of spiritual connection you desire in sexual intimacy?  Work privately with me to create extraordinary depth of connection with your sexual partner, spiritually, sexually and emotionally.

… Even if you are single and your partner is yourself.
… Even if your partner is just not that into it any more.
… Even if your partner is goal oriented and always rushing to the finish line.

I will guide you to be more deeply connected than ever before, so much so that it feels healing on a soul level.

Side effects include: Emanating more magnetic attraction, feeling more confident, alive and happy.



Tantric Sensuality for Couples

I consider it a great honor to witness the love you already share, expand and open to a new realm of connection.

If you have been curious about Tantra, want to learn a new practice of awakened intimacy, and open to new realms of pleasure, depth and ecstatic love, it is my honor to be your guide.

The Tantric Sensuality experience is available as a three hour session, or you can take the deep dive into an entire weekend together.

You will explore new realms of connection, communication, giving and receiving that you can continue to expand upon after out time together. Discover the beauty of Tantric Sexuality. Learn the art of merging your primal body with your divine spirit body, expanded by the love you share together.

To schedule an appointment for a free consultation to discuss the possibilities of working together, email me at: info@Jaitara.com, and write “Couple’s Session” in the subject line.

Couple’s Mediation

  • Are you experiencing a disconnect in your relationship?
  • Have you hit a road block with your communication?
  • Do you feel unappreciated by your partner?
  • Do you feel unseen or unheard by your partner?
  • Has your sex life become routine, or non existent?
  • And, the most important question… do both of you want your relationship to work?
    So you want to bring the connection, passion and joy back into your relationship?
    Email me at info@Jaitara.com, and type “Couple’s Mediation” in the subject line and we will set up a time for a complimentary consultation call, to determine if we are a good match to work together.

Exclusive Retreat for Women

Beloved Woman, you work hard. You are powerful and you know how to take care of business. You’ve created success for yourself, but something is missing for you. You want to reconnect with what it really means to be a woman. You want to feel beautiful in your body. You want to experience more sensuality. You want to feel others impacted by your radiance when you walk into the room. You want to feel more alive and sexually vibrant in your body.

This retreat is exclusive one-on-one time with me. We will spend five transformational days together in a beautiful luxurious home in California, Costa Rica or Mexico. I will devote all of myself to you for these five days.

We will clear what ever has been standing in the way, stopping, or slowing you down from fully embodying your feminine power.

When you emerge at the end of your retreat, you will embody a new sense of inner calm, balance, and clarity.

You emerge as the real you, the essence of you that over time became buried or repressed. She is the most joyful aspect of you. She is playful, vibrant, peaceful and overflowing with love. Do you want to reconnect with her?

 You can still be a powerhouse in the board room and be powerful in your feminine. In fact, life is so much easier and more joyful when you live in this space. It’s so common for successful women to be more tapped into their masculine in the business world. Yet this can be exhausting. Our true power is in our feminine power. This is our most potent self.

Beloved woman, I can take you there. If this calls to you, email me at info@Jaitara.com, with Woman’s Retreat in the subject line and we will schedule and interview to discuss if this is a match for you.

This retreat is offered as a private one-on-one, and it can also be offered as a group retreat. If you have other women you would like to experience this with, we will discuss that possibility.

Holistic Rebirthing for Emotional Healing

Do you still feel haunted by an experience from your past that is standing in the way, slowing you down or stopping you from feeling fully at peace in the present?

Are you still overcome by grief due to the loss of a relationship due to death or a break up?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the intensity of day to day life, with so many pent up emotions, you feel like if something doesn’t shift soon you are going to explode?

E-motions are energy in motion. When an event happens in your life that is traumatic, painful or left unhealed, a part of you stays stuck in the time before this event took place. Energetically you hold back from your full expression as a method of protection, ultimately inhibiting you from fully expressing in both relationships and creatively and preventing you from living your ultimate love life.

Day to day living can also take it’s toll. Anger tends to be judged in society, but the fact is, it’s a very natural human emotion. Yet it’s so rare that anyone is taught how to express, release and free themselves from pent up anger, frustration or even rage.

The good news is because emotions are energy, they can be moved and cleared from your physical body on a cellular level, leaving you with the memory of the experience, but free from the pain or irritation that has accompanied it. Your pain transcends into wisdom. Agitation is replace by peacefulness. This is the work I do and it is my joy and honor to offer it to you.

The “Breath of Life“, also known as “Holistic Rebirthing“, is a powerful method of clearing emotional residue and wounding from any other trauma, including sexual abuse, whether recent, from childhood or beyond this lifetime. I have explored a variety of breath work processes and modalities. I chose to facilitate this one because in my personal experience it is the most powerful, profound, swift and effective method I have ever experienced of clearing the emotional energy in the physical body that keeps us stuck. It sets us free to move forward with greater clarity and ease. It accesses on a cellular level the emotional residue, psychological and physical holdings in the body.

Our emotions are not who we are. This Breath removes the unhealthy emotions by the root, at the origin of source, and opens you up to feelings of more love, peacefulness, expression, passion, aliveness, vitality and creativity, and to recognize and connect more tangibly with Source within you.


 No matter how deep or how dark the wound is, no matter how far back it goes in this life or before; no matter how frustrated you are, what ever layer is released during your breath work session is cleared permanently on a cellular level. There may be more layers to dive into, or one may be enough at this time. What’s beautiful about the breath is that it belongs you too… it’s powerful and it’s your breath. As I show you how to use it, you are not dependent upon a facilitator, although it is can be much easier to move through with the continued support.

I also integrate other modalities as we prepare for the breathwork, and as we ground it to completion, through revolutionary verbally guided processes, other forms of breath, and hands on Reiki through intuitive guidance. 

Private one-on-one sessions are most common. Group sessions are also very powerful. I have experience facilitating small groups and large groups up to as many as 300 participants at one time. Group processes regardless of size require between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the structure, venue and format of the event. Large groups do require  more extensive preparation in the space where the event is taking place. To contact me about a private session or group session, email me at info@Jaitara.com, with the words “Breath Work” in the subject line. I will contact you within 24 hours for a free consultation call to discuss booking your session.

It is my honor to serve in this way.