Clear the Sexual Wound Imprint…

Sexual energy created your human existence; therefore, it is at the root of your creative force. Just like a tree, if your roots are unhealthy or constricted in any way, you can never blossom to your full potential. There will always be a part of you holding back to protect this vulnerable aspect of yourself. When you are holding back, you are holding back… period! This filters into every area of your life and in everything you create.

Even if celibacy is your choice, you want to make that choice from a space of inner peacefulness, verses through contraction due to past wounding.

When your sexual body… the root of your creative life force energy is clear, healthy, and whole, it impacts all expression:

  • Your voice becomes more grounded and has more resonance.
  • Your body language exudes more confidence.
  • Your energy feels more calm.
  • You feel a new sense of safety, freedom, and joy in your body.
  • You are a more playful, passionate, peaceful version of yourself, in the expression of your love and Divine calling.

Are any of these you?…

  • Were you a child of sexual abuse and even though you’ve done a lot of work on yourself, you still feel the ouch of this tender wound?
  • Or maybe you don’t have a memory of sexual abuse, but you intuitively feel something is not quite right?
  • Do you feel judgment or shame toward your body?
  • Do you sense that you have inherited the sexual wounds of your ancestors and that you still carry that frequency in your energy field?
  • Do you feel strong as a leader, but when it comes to intimacy your voice weakens and confidence falters?
  • Do you feel disconnected from the sacredness and beauty of your sexual body, so you hold back to protect this vulnerable aspect of yourself?
  • Perhaps distorted religious influence in your younger years has left an imprint of shame or disconnect with your sexual body?

I have been specializing in Sacred sexual healing and enlightenment for almost 20 years. In 2022 when I discovered The Compassion Keys® modality, I knew it was the missing piece I was looking for. It finally made it possible for me to clear the sexual wound imprint virtually, verses needing you to come visit my studio for a breathwork session. I find this very exciting, as now I can help you no matter where in the world you live.

I also integrate my own intuitive channelling and methods with the Compassion Key® process that contribute to the most powerful results possible.

Our light body and our physical sexual body are designed to be merged as one. For centuries there has been an attempt to split them. After all, how better to control a society than to inflict shame and judgement upon the very energy that creates our human existence and the very energy that we cannot resist. It’s time to shatter this distorted illusion.

The truth is, when our Divine light body merges with our physical sexual body from a space of peacefulness with everything from our past, it is a joy unlike any other. It’s how we are created or it would not be possible. It is our Divine Design.

Beloved One. It’s time for your Divine Reclamation!

Single 90 minute session: $240
When you book a package of 3 sessions: $600

To book your session or package with me, send an email to:
Type the words: Deep Dive Clearing in the subject line

Clearing Other Karmic Imprints…

* Don’t have any sexual wounds to clear?
These sessions are also powerful for clearing any other past trauma, karmic imprints, or blocks, such as the money wound imprint, the persecution imprint, ancestral imprints, as well as entity removal.

What other had to say after just one session…

“Jaitara Jayde gave me a gift. A gift to feel joy in my body, to feel love and excitement about being in my body, a sense of freedom and connection I haven’t felt in a long time or maybe never in this lifetime. After our session, I was dancing, singing and laughing throughout my day. I am so grateful for your compassion and guidance, Jaitara. With all my heart I can say within this gratitude I feel love for you. Thank you.” – Josephine K.

“The deepest gratitude for Jaitara. Thank you for guiding me to my deepest held fears and pain… and gently restoring my deepest layer of unhealed wounds with love, safety, joy and freedom… that was nothing short of a miracle, and the most incredible healing shift I have ever experienced. I had such a deep and peaceful sleep last night after our session, and I feel like my nervous system has gone into rest mode. I don’t think I have felt this peace in my body and consciousness ever. You are a deeply gifted healer and practitioner and I was so honored to be in your presence.” – Tania B

“Jaitara, the space you are able to hold is very unique—and I have tried A LOT throughout my life. The Mother Goddess embodied.” ~ Eva Charlotte Larsson Ruiz; Founder of R.I.S.E. In Love™, and Global Peacemakers™  

“I reached out to Jaitara to help me release past pain that was connected to childhood sexual abuse that I experienced. She created a safe space for me to share my vulnerability around such a tough topic. Her wisdom, guidance and clearings were exactly what my younger self needed. Giving me permission to scream out a no that had been trapped in my body for 37 years, I found myself releasing on all levels. I feel like I have a voice again, that I have permission to speak, to honor myself and celebrate myself. My creativity was unlocked. If you are thinking about working with Jaitara, just do it! No hesitation. Your younger self will thank you.” ~ Catherine Graham; Intuitive Psychic and Energy Healer; Ontario, Canada

“Jaitara is a very intuitive woman, has a gentle and loving presence, and creates a safe space to support the healing process. During my session with her, I was beautifully guided to a different timeline to the root of my issue where we resolved a block about expressing my sexual energy. Then through a channeled meditation, she guided me to reconnect my myself to divine sexual energy together with my light body. It was a blissful feeling and my body was filled with love.  It was wonderful experience. Jaitara’s work is very special.” ~  Lenka, UK; Therapist/ Healer

“I’ve carried anxiety, confusion and grief from childhood. Although I’ve managed to heal a lot, these feelings have persisted. I love Jaitara’s book, The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment. I found her extremely easy to be open with. I felt seen, heard, and held in a safe energetic container. After our session, I sensed an unusual amount of peace enveloping me, and felt excited to live my life from this new place of more self compassion. If you are looking for powerful work and results, I recommend Jaitara with all my heart.” ~ Mara M. in British Columbia, Canada

“I came to Jaitara because I was curious how the sexual abuse in my past might be affecting my reproductive health. Jaitara was very compassionate and easy to open up to. The modalities she works with, including The Compassion Key® are very powerful. If you work with her get ready to experience the equivalent of years of therapy in a single session. She took me through decades of my life to clear and upgrade some of the most intense traumas I had been through. The biggest breakthrough and healing for me was working with my teenage self who was very dark, depressed, and suicidal, and bringing her into the light. This part of me had needed healing for a very long time. If you feel called to work with Jaitara around sexual abuse or any other issues I would say get ready for a huge positive transformation in your life.” – S.A.; therapist, Asheville, NC

To book your session or package with me, send an email to:
Type the words: Deep Dive Clearing in the subject line.