• Is the fire and depth of intimacy you once shared diminishing, or reached a plateau?

Precious Woman

  • Do you find your mind wandering during sex, redoing your closet or thinking about work, as you secretly crave a deeper spiritual connection in the bedroom?
  • Are you secretly unfulfilled because you don’t know how to ask for what you want sexually, for fear of hurting your Beloved’s feelings?
  • Do you fantasize about letting go, expressing and being more in the power of your sensuality, but life is too busy as you take care of business and everyone else, so you hold back?
  • Does this holding back show up by holding tension in your body, appearing more confident than you actually are, feeling stressed as a daily part of life? — Goddess, it doesn’t have to be this way. Creating a shift is so much easier than you may think.

Precious Man

  • Has she been telling you she’s too tired, has work to do, or she’s just not that into it, when you ache for more touch, and for the joy of giving her pleasure?
  • Do you sometimes turn to porn, or think about it, making the void or your self-esteem feel even worse?
  • Are you secretly sad that when you do have sex with your Beloved, it feels more like she’s doing it just to make you happy rather than for her own pleasure and turn on?

Imagine this…

  • Imagine your intimacy alive with that electric connection flowing between you.
  • Beautiful woman, instead of feeling rushed, imagine your man is fully present, savoring your very essence, connecting with your heart and soul, as he takes his sweet time.
  • Imagine feeling adored, radiant and alive in your sensuality.
  • Imagine feeling more deeply spiritually connected during and after sex than ever before.
  • Beautiful man, imagine your woman feeling more turned on by you… craving more connection with you.

Imagine all this…

  • Even if… your partner is more focused on the goal than savoring the journey,
  • Even if… they’re just not that into it any more,
  • Even if… you only have 15 minutes until the kids come home,
  • Even if… you’re more enthused about working with an intimacy coach than your partner is.

How we’ll make it happen…

  • Receive gems of Sacred Sexual Wisdom and private coaching tailored specifically for your personal relationship.
  • Discover how your sexual energy, breath and spinal column are integrally connected, and learn powerful breath techniques to channel your sexual energy throughout your entire nervous system, dramatically increasing full body pleasure and overall well-being.
  • Learn the art of The Invitation… the 4th Sacred Law of Sexual Enlightenment, to merge your light body with your sexual body as we were designed to do.
  • Create your own Sacred Sexual Ritual, incorporating breath, communication and touch to experience profound depth of connection with Divine Source, one another and with self.
  • Integrate my signature Transformational Active Movement Meditation, into your spiritual practice, to connect and fall deeply in love with your body, exactly as it is right now… This is so powerful, playful and fun.

Side effects may include…

  • Emanating more magnetic attraction,
  • Feeling more confident, happy and alive,
  • Feeling your sexual energy as a source of healing,
  • Feeling more inspired with life,
  • Empowered in manifesting your desires,
  • Attracting more joyful connections, personally and professionally.


This program consists of six 60 – 90 minute live sessions on Zoom, with my private full on attention on you.

If you live locally, we have the option of working together in person.

Plus unlimited email access with me

  • Payment plans are available. 

Even if your partner does not want to join the program with you, I will show you how to experience a new depth of spiritual, emotional and sacred sexual fulfillment, and how to share that with your Beloved on your own. 

BONUS IMPACT: Sexual energy is the root of our creative life force. It created our human existence. When you bring this into spiritual alignment, you plug your sexual creative life force energy into the light socket of God Source. This has a big impact on your ability to manifest your vision into reality. 

BONUS GIFT: When you sign up to work with me as a Private Immersion Client, you also receive full access to the Online Deep Connection MasterClass Series 

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