Spiritual Guide, Sage, Mentor, Author; Master Facilitator of Breath, Transformational Dance & Meditation;
Actor & Intimacy Coordinator for Film & TV;
Intimacy Coach for Real Life.


  • I am revitalized by the warm sun on my face, the gentle breeze and the beauty of sunrises and sunsets.
  • I am grounded by ancient trees and the earth beneath my fee
  • I adore the pleasure of swimming nude in warm tropical water. 
  • I feel great joy through the expression of dance. 
  • I am fulfilled, humbled, and in bliss through my connection with the Divine. 

My Story

I am 66 years young. Loving my years of Queendom. I feel alive, sensual and radiant in my body, and embrace a deep sense of peacefulness with life. I am free and fully expressed on the dance floor and I love incorporating dance for healing, spiritual connection, and play. I am humbled and in love with the community that continues to expand around me. It’s a beautiful space to be in, but wasn’t always this way.

Between the ages of 16 to 17, I experienced a time of darkness and confusion due to abuse, sexual manipulation and exploitation into human trafficking.  I buried this secret for 27 years.  Then one day in 1999, I had a breakdown that quickly transmuted into a breakthrough, through a powerful message from Spirit.  It was this defining moment that planted the seeds of my passion to work with women and men so we can all reclaim our Powerful Truth of who we are as a Divine Being in a primal sexual body, and embrace the beauty of that, and to come back into alignment of this… our Divine Design.

I have extensively explored the connection between my relationship with God Source and my sexual energy. I secretly carried the burden of shame and contraction around my sexual energy for years. My sexuality felt separate from my connection to God Source and I knew that this separation was at the root of the misalignment, creating confusion within myself. 

I immersed myself in my healing journey and spiritual exploration, what I experienced and discovered is truly profound and beautiful. It is the source of the vibrancy, inner calm and radiance that I now embody. It is a secret to my youthfulness. It is our most natural state to merge our divinity with our sexuality. It is our Divine Design.

The “Big Why” behind what I do, is to open conversation for new conscious sex education for the youth, so they are taught the beauty of sexuality, the sacredness of it, the power, the responsibility, how to have conscious conversation around it, and how to honor their boundaries and one another’s

I live a Tantric Shamanic lifestyle. The Tantra I teach is known as Neo-Tantra, also known as Sacred Sexuality… the merging of the sexual with the spiritual. Living a Tantric lifestyle includes all layers of life. It is about our connection and our relationship with the Earth, with Spirit, with family, with colleagues, with animals, with all of nature, with self, and with all others. I love to start my day sitting outside, breathing in the trees, inviting Spirit to share my day with me. I love connecting to the breath in my body and each morning expressing all that I feel grateful for.

Dance is not just something I do, it’s a part of my very being and an expression of my Essence. I incorporate dance as a method of healing  and expression in my work with women, helping them align with Spirit, connect to one another, open their heart and connect to a greater love of their bodies.

I also love to express myself through writing. I know the joy and fulfillment of birthing a book that is an expression of your essence and soul’s journey. Through this passion, I founded Divine Sage Publishing. As I began to bring my book, The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment into the world, my experience with my Indie publisher was not as good as I had anticipated and the quality did not match what I expected for this piece of art I had created. So, I figured out the publishing process myself. and made my book a #1 best seller on Amazon in multiple countries. I discovered that I love the publishing process, and that I have a gift for creating a book that is as beautiful as it is valuable. That is how Divine Sage Publishing was born. It is my promise to every author I work with to treat their book as the precious work of art that I always wanted mine treated as. 

I also understand how our sexual energy is rooted from the same source as our creative energy. In addition to mentorship of Sacred Sexuality within relationships and self-love, I love to teach how to align with our Sexual Energy in a way that supports our creative endeavors… writing, mentorship and the arts. 

  • I am a certified Holistic Rebirther and Reiki Master Teacher, specializing in emotional healing and healing of past Sexual trauma. I help my clients clear the emotional residue of their past on a cellular level. 
  • I am a certified facilitator of the Satori Protocol, created by Vladimir Stojakovic.
  • I am a mentor of Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Communication.
  • I am the author of The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment.
  • I am the creator of the Sacred Lover Archetypes™, based on the science of Ayurveda.
  • I have worked with hundreds of clients and thousands of workshop participants, guiding them through transformation, healing, breakthroughs and awakening.
  • I was a lead Facilitator with Peak Potentials, between 2002 – 2019, featured at one of their summer events,
  • I have an extensive background in the entertainment industry, with years of stage, film and TV experience, and I am a full ACTRA Member.  It is through this experience combined with my passion for Sexual Enlightenment and Empowerment that I created “Raw, Exposed and Masterful – Before, During and After the Shot” for film and TV actors. This program will launch in the late summer of 2022.
  • I am an Ordained Priestess with the Madonna Ministries, an inter-faith ministry. A Priestess is a woman of service and compassion. She acknowledges all women as sisters, is trained in Sacred ceremony and walks the path of feminine care and Sacred Sexuality. She is a conduit between the Earth realm and the Divine realm. 
  • I am the creator of the Sacred Sexual Priestess™ Programs, and Wild Woman Radiance™ Retreats.