Our shadows are an integral aspect of the tapestry of who we are and what we’ve lived. They contribute to our beauty as much as our light. In our willingness to acknowledge and explore our shadow side, embrace it, heal it and bring it into the light, we open a window for our beauty to shine more radiantly.

The expansion that comes from embracing and learning from our shadow, gifts us with wisdom and peace.

Your shadow is the pain you’ve suffered, the mistakes you’ve made, and the choices made, that if you knew then what you know now, you would have chosen differently; and the pain and distortion created as a result of that. To explore this requires courage and raw honesty with self. To transcend beyond the shadow, is liberating.

To be human is to have both shadow and light. When we clear the emotional residue of our shadow self, so all we are left with is the memory, void of emotional charge, abundant with forgiveness of self and others, our pain transcends to wisdom and peacefulness. That is the beauty of the shadow.

As we stand in this wisdom and peacefulness, choosing to offer it from a space of service and humility, we are a divine gift, blessing and a radiance of truth for others

We open a window of inspiration, wisdom, and awakening, for them to see the truth of who they are, and to feel the warmth of the light of the divine that is them.

Much love,

Banner image photography: Anderson W Rangel
1st content image photography: Luis Machado
2nd content image photography: Aiony Haust