Was Mother Mary really a virgin?

That’s the Christmas story right? The Virgin Mary gave birth to her son Jesus the Christ. In my young years, once I understood that babies were created by a man and woman having sex, I still believed in the miraculous Christmas story told to us by the church of how Christ was born to a woman who never had sex. It was a story that was told over and over again, so it had to be true, right? Well, I have quite different perspective now.

This story is told as if it were a bad thing for Jesus to have been produced through the beauty of orgasm. Or, the mere suggestion that Jesus may have had sexual relations once he became an adult man is inconceivable. The one woman we are told he was closest to other than his mother Mary, the Virgin, is Mary Magdalene.

In 597 C.E. Pope Gregory told a lie, stating Magdalene as a whore, an interpretation that was finally over-ruled by the Vatican in 1969. The 2nd part of the Priestess Process I journeyed through for one and a half years, was called the Magdalene Mysteries, where we honored Mary Magdalene as the Beloved of Jesus.

This concept of having sex as being bad and not having sex as being pure and good, is one of the primary reasons why so much of society has become fragmented and disconnected from the truth of who we really are as both Spiritual and Sexual Beings. It is one of the reasons why shame and feelings of ‘less than’ are so common. It’s why for hundreds of years women have been dealing with only two sexual Archetypes… the virgin and the whore. Be “pure”, and you are a good girl; enjoy sex and you are a ‘bad’ girl. At least they don’t burn us at the stake any more.

Some of you reading this, may not like what I am sharing, and choose stay with the belief of the story you’ve been told of Mother Mary being a virgin and Mary Magdalene being a fallen woman. The truth is, there is record that during the days of Christ, the name Mary actually meant “Priestess.” This would mean that they are actually, Priestess Magdalene and Mother Priestess… women of royalty. 

If you’d like to research some of this on your own, you can find a lot of fascinating information from the books, The Hirem Key by Robert Lomas and Christopher Knight, The Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Baigent, Lincoln andLeigh, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, the Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed, and Genesis of the Grail Kings  by Laurence Gardner.

In my Spiritual practice, the Divine Mother is very prominent and dear to my heart. I personally love viewing the Virgin Mary through the perspective of what I’m about to share. 

During the time of Jesus’ birth in the year 1AD, the definition of the word “Virgin” had a very different meaning than the one most commonly thought of today. 

The Ancient moon Priestesses were called Virgins. Virgin originally meant not married and not belonging to a man, but a woman who was ‘one-in-herself.’ The word ‘Virgin’ is derived from a Latin root that means strength, force and skill. It was later applied to men as the word we now know as ‘virile.’

A ‘Virgin’ in the days of the birth of Christ, meant sexual independence. Later in time, Christian translators could not conceive that the Virgin Mary”was a woman of sexual independence, so they ultimately distorted the meaning into chaste, never touched, ‘pure’ of sexual interaction.” ~ taken from the writings of: Monica Sjöö, The Great Cosmic Mother

Before we came into these bodies, we were non-physical intelligent spiritual beings. Someone had an orgasm and that made it possible to inhabit a body temple as a spiritual being inside a physical sexual body. When we merge our primal sexual body with our divine spirit body from a space of peacefulness with everyone from our past, it is a joy unlike any other. It is our Divine Design. 

Sexual energy is a beautiful gift. It gives us life. When we are not activating our sexual energy to create a new life, it breathes new life through us. It gives us vitality, and youthfulness.

We are designed perfectly. So why do the stories tell us that Jesus could not have been conceived through sex, or that it’s wrong to think he had sex with a woman? Sex is beautiful. It is sacred. When channel properly it is a pathway to the Divine; it is an expression of God. 

It is sexual energy that made it possible for you, a Divine Being, to live inside this beautiful body of yours. Sexual energy is literally the power cord that connecting your existence between the transcendental realm and the physical realm. 

Doesn’t it make more sense that Christ was in Divine Union with the Feminine, verses detached from her? 

In my personal practice I continue to have profound experiences and potent tangible connections with the Divine through orgasm and sexual expression. I like to believe that Mother Mary was a woman who experienced such interaction with the Divine as Jesus was conceived. Words cannot really express in a way for you to fully understand my journey. I can only be a guide in the best way I know how, for those who wish to experience their own unique journey of merging their sexual body with their Divine spirit body.

Imagine a society where all women claim an existence of strength and sexual independence, not belonging to any man or woman, but choosing from a space of pure self-love when she partners with another. Imagine the power of love she has to offer another coming from this overflow of love and awareness of self. Imagine the gift this would be to our society, and the example it sets for the next generation.

Do not confuse this independent sexual expression with promiscuity, because when a woman is fully aligned with her self-love, strength and sexual independence she is also much more discerning about who she chooses to share herself with. She becomes more aware of the power of her sexual force and therefore chooses her partners more wisely.

So, to answer the question that is the title of this article, “Was Mother Mary Really A Virgin?” Yes, I believe she was. Then based on the true meaning, so am I. I only wish I could sit down with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, over a cup of tea and hear the story of truth spoken directly from their lips. Oh what a conversation that would be! Then we could dance in joyful Sistar celebration together.

Much love,



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